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Saw V Review Part 2

Face it. We’ve been here before. It’s Halloween, and there is another Saw film coming to your local theatre. However, there is a new director at the helm by the name of David Hackl. Does this new director change things up? DO we see a new reinvention to the singular movie that has reawakened the horror genre into a profitable franchise again?  Let’s find answers on these questions.

To be frank, if you’ve seen Saw IV, you’ve pretty much seen Saw V. The formula is still the same, the gore has picked up a bit, there are a few new wrinkles here and there from the new director, but the payoff is still the same. Not that I am complaining all that much, as these are purely subjective observations.

Saw V picks up literally right where Saw IV ends. Agent Strahm, fresh off discovering the bloodbath that happened at the end of Saw IV, ends up finding his own tape. Thus, he forced to begin his “game” because he just can’t leave Jigsaw alone!  At the same time, five strangers are locked up in a warehouse for their own “games.”   They must make it through four separate tests before they can escape their fate.

This Saw to me was a bit more gimmicky than usual. Some of the strangers were instantly recognizable, to me at least, which caused a bit of a distraction from the external chaos that the “games” were causing.  For example, Meagan Good (The Love Guru) plays Luba, a city planner, and Carlo Rota (Little Mosque on the Prairie, Wed. nights at 9 on CBET) was Charles, an investigative journalist. It just seemed to try and channel a bit too much Captivity with the casting.

Furthermore, scripts for Saw films have never been very good, but this one especially was not handled very well. As we follow Strahm during his search for the truth, we become inundated with slow-motion and the flashbacks. Without knowing left from right, this plot just becomes downright incoherent. What makes this all the more unfortunate is because it makes the end payoff (a trait this series has been pulled off quite well in the past) very cheap.   All in all, we learn some more of the back-story and get to go through some more “games” for another year.  It’s just too bad it’s just not worth it.

2 / 5 stars